Dr Ewelina Gołębiewska
and Mr John Whittington’s wedding

Saturday 29th August 2020 - 16:00

Elektryków 1, Gdańsk Shipyard, Poland

English - Polski

Together with their families, Ewelina and John request the company of at their wedding. Please refer to this website for current and further information as the big day approaches and to help plan your trip.

Please reply by the 31st March 2019.

Please enter the hand-written code on your physical invite for your personal invite and RSVP link.


COVID-19 02/05/20 Update


COVID-19 RSVP Update

We understand it is difficult to commit to travel in August at this moment in time. We plan to review the situation on the 19th of April and decide whether to go ahead or postpone the wedding, considering the likely travel situation in August. Please RSVP as you would ignoring COVID-19, so that we have your email address for contact and we understand that attendance is conditional on the isolation situation.

Our Story

Despite both of us living in Bristol at the time, it’s hard to imagine Ev and John ever crossing paths. We are a true testament to online dating - it is thanks to OkCupid’s ‘geeky’ algorithm that served up a 94% match that you are reading this website today 😄.

Following our first date in March 2014, things moved fast and we took our first holiday together in May - where John showed Ev that he isn’t all that square by gatecrashing an event in a Reykjavik museum! The summer of bikes and carefree young love followed, with John meeting - and impressing - Ev’s friends, and John’s parents practically adopting Ev.

Ev was off to Japan in October, leading to the relationship facing the long distance test. By some coincidence, Japan was somewhere John always wanted to visit and so it made for the perfect excuse for extended holidays! Soon we were spending our first Christmas together - surviving near-freezing temperatures in Ev’s paper walled apartment - but also cycling around Fuji Five Lakes, hanging out with geishas in Kyoto and trying all the food we could find. Thus our love affair with Japan began.

In April 2015 Ev was back and we decided to look for a house. In August we bought 61 Hill Street and started to make the house our Home (and an occasional exhibition space for John’s creations during the Totterdown Art Trail).

Fast forward 3 years of fun, food, bikes and friends, and we were back to Japan in October 2018, bike-packing 1000 miles from Tokyo to Fukuoka. It was by far the most amazing holiday we have taken together, seeing Japan off the beaten track and wild camping in not quite legal spots. However, by the end of the four weeks John has joked about proposing a few too many times and Ev was getting annoyed. John is not one to take important decisions lightly, but on the very last day he was FINALLY sure and Ev found a (Haribo) ring on top of her Mont Blanc dessert from the 7/11 convenience store. Ev said YES - the real (handmade) ring immediately followed!.

Soon after we returned from Japan John was off to Switzerland for a job interview. Following a great deal of careful consideration - and a lot of convincing from Ev - the decision to move to Zug was made, and our new adventure began in March 2019. We are now both expats and have enjoyed building our lives together in the new country. 29th August 2020 will mark yet another new chapter in our lives and we are excited to see what will come next. Thanks for joining us on our big day!

The Venue

The venue is Twoja Stocznia, Elektryków 1, 80-863 Gdańsk; in the centre of Gdańsk Shipyard.

It is located 650m from the nearest urban rail station (Gdańsk Stocznia) and tram stop (Stocznia SKM, tram number 3, 7, 8, 10). It is also within walking distance from the Old Town.

Getting There


Gdańsk is Poland’s third largest airport and frequent flights connect it with many UK and European cities. Gdańsk Airport is linked to the SKM rail network by frequent direct trains.


Gdańsk is very well connected by direct trains to most major cities in Poland as well as Berlin; Krakow: 6 h, Warsaw: 3 h, Poznan: 3 h. Why not combine the trip with visiting one of those as well!

By Bike 🚲

John has a plan to cycle to the wedding from either Baar, CH or Berlin, DE. He is developing a Komoot route. Let us know if you want to join/help plan!


There are plenty of affordable hotels in the Old Town area. We will suggest some options or make a block booking in a nearby hotel closer to the time, watch this space!


We appreciate it is a long way to travel for some, so your company for the evening will be a sufficient gift. Please do not bring flowers as we will not be able to enjoy them for long anyway!

We would love your suggestions for our Spotify playlist. Or even better, if you would like to showcase your talents (we are gifted with multi-talented friends!) at the party we will have a period for guest performances - please let us know.

It is a bring your own bottle event so feel free to bring your favourite tipple to share (plenty of beer and wine will be provided).


Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate any children at the event due to restrictions at the venue.

Things To Do

Gdańsk is the port city situated on the Baltic Sea, with a long and illustrous history of sea trade.

There is more to Gdańsk than the picture-perfect Old Town, although you could spend a full day exploring the area between the Gdańsk main rail station and the Motlawa river. Don’t miss the amber stalls on St Mary’s Street, the impressive red brick St Mary’s Cathedral and the famous Gdańsk Crane. You can even take a dip in the Baltic at Jelitkowo beach.

Part of the conurbation now referred to as ‘Tricity’, Gdańsk, alongside Sopot and Gdynia, offer something for everyone! The three cities are conveniently connected by an urban train line meaning that exploring different areas during an extended stay couldn’t be easier!

Some of Our Favourite Things to See

The Gdańsk Shipyard - our wedding venue! Forever written into the annals of European history as the birthplace of Solidarity, the opposition movement started by Lech Walesa that contributed greatly to the eventual retreat of Communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall. We’ve enjoyed taking a kayak around the docks to see things from a different perspective.

Following decommissioning of most of the functioning shipyard buildings, the area suffered from years of neglect, but recent revitalisation projects and efforts to save the remaining buildings mean that the area is now bustling in the summer. There are now many tourists visiting pop up bars, music venues, art galleries, and snapping away at the photogenic cranes towering over the graffiti-covered walls.

We also recommend visiting the European Solidarity Centre which is right on site and nearby World War II museum. Both the exhibits and buildings are a must see.

Dolne Miasto (Lower Town) - Short stroll from the ‘main’ part of Old Town, this often overlooked area of Gdańsk has been undergoing extensive revitalization in recent years. Stroll along the Motlawa River in between fortifications of the old City Walls and pop into one of many new cafes and restaurants in historical buildings that survived the bombings of Gdańsk during the WW2.

A short boat ride away from the Old Town, Westerplatte marks the very start of the Second World War. Here, in between the industrial cranes and the fortified walls of a small Polish barracks, on the 1st of September 1939 the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein shot the first artillery shells of the entire conflict. Unexpectedly, the Polish soldiers, without reinforcements, managed to repel the Nazis for more than seven days, and there’s now a striking monument to their bravery standing tall above the Baltic shore. The boat ride starting from the heart of the Old Town will take you past the historic Gdańsk Shipyard and other monuments.

Wrzeszcz is another interesting area a short tram ride away - we recommend checking out the sympathetic redevelopment of the army garrison (across the street from Ev’s home growing up!), Garnizon, and the beautifully renovated surroundings of Wajdeloty street.

The neighbouring city of Sopot is a long standing favourite with tourists from all over Poland and the world. Take the metropolitan train (SKM) to Sopot Glowny station (less than 20 minutes from the Old Town) and walk down the bustling pedestrianised Bohaterow Monte Casino Street all the way down to the longest wooden Pier in Europe, first opened in 1827!

Gdynia is Gdańsk’s younger, cooler sister and 20 minutes away by train. Transformed from a sleepy town into international hub following the opening of the port in 1918, the city boasts modernist architecture, world class seaside boulevard walks, and is home to the Museum of Immigration which in itself is worth a trip - SKM from the Gdańsk Old Town.